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  • Fast Strategies for Cleaning Your Garage

    Maybe your curb appeal is absolutely perfect, but what’s hiding behind your garage door in Wyckoff? The garage should be a space where you can store your cars, set up an art space, or practice your handiwork, but clutter can quickly take over. Watch this video and pick up a couple of fast strategies for cleaning your garage.

    Cleaning your garage doesn’t have to take up a whole weekend. If you know what you’re doing and you stick to your system, it shouldn’t take long at all. Start by cleaning your tools. All this takes is a little bit of soap or detergent mixed with regular warm water. Clean out any garbage or recycling bins that you keep in your garage using the same mixture; just scrub the bins down and then rinse and dry them. Keep similar things together so everything is easy to find, and label each container for extra convenience.

  • Recognizing the Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repairs

    Just like you shouldn’t install a garage door in Wyckoff yourself, you shouldn’t attempt to repair one without a professional either. Trying to repair a garage door when you’re not trained to do so can present a number of safety hazards, both during and after the repair process. You might not end up getting the problem fixed at all, in which case you’ll have to call a professional garage door repair person who can show up with the right tools and knowledge. Read on to learn about some of the dangers of DIY garage door repairs.

    Dangers Of DIY Garage Door Repairs Safety Hazards

    Unless you have specific training in garage door repair, you shouldn’t be the one to do the patching up when you realize that yours is malfunctioning. Sometimes people don’t understand the tremendous forces that allow garage doors to operate the way they do, so they underestimate the tension they’ll have to deal with when trying to fix one. A spring can easily snap back and cause serious injury. Instead of risking your well-being, call the garage door professionals to fix yours up so you don’t end up hurting yourself while trying to make a repair.

    Wasted Time and Energy

    In addition to the bodily harm it can cause, trying to fix your garage door by yourself may end up being a lost cause. While there is some troubleshooting you can do to find out what’s wrong with your door, attempting to fully repair it on your own might do more harm than good. That means you’ll end up wasting your time and putting yourself in danger, and the problem might not even be fixed by the time you’re done. If you want to make sure the job is done quickly, safely, and correctly, then cut out the middleman and go right to your garage door professional.

    Lack of Tools

    If you’re not a garage door expert, you might not have the tools you need to get your repairs done right. The specialists will always come prepared with both the tools and expertise needed to get your door working again.

  • Taking a Closer Look at Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

    There’s much more to a garage door in Wyckoff than its aesthetic appeal, so it helps to do a bit of research before you choose one for your space. Your garage can be a viable living space if you set it up right, and insulated sectional garage doors could be just the component you need. Each different kind of garage door has its own benefits, so choose one that helps with energy efficiency in addition to your curb appeal.

    Whether your garage doubles as a spare living space or you just use it to store your vehicles, it will still have an effect on the overall energy efficiency of your home or place of work. Insulated sectional garage doors are built to give you the efficiency you need, so you can save money on your bills while you protect the environment. You can trust your new door to keep your indoor climate consistent for years to come, and it can be a great choice for commercial spaces like warehouses and firehouses. Insulation and energy efficiency go hand in hand, so know what to look for when you choose a new door.

    Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

  • How a New Garage Door Can Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

    A small change can go a long way in terms of your curb appeal, so a new garage door in Wyckoff can totally revamp your exterior design. A new garage door might even be exactly what you needed to tie your whole design together. In other cases, you might just want to replace your old, beat-up garage door and freshen up your look, which can help make your home look brand new again . Keep reading for some insight as to how a new garage door can add curb appeal to your home. New Garage Door Can Add Curb Appeal To Your Home

    Finish Off Your Design

    An intricately designed home exterior can brighten up your property and the neighborhood surrounding it. If you’ve thought out your exterior design but you haven’t found a way to tie everything together yet, a new garage door presents the perfect opportunity. Certain garage door materials can even replicate the look of others without forcing you to commit to the maintenance requirements. If you feel like your curb appeal isn’t quite finished yet, maybe you need a new garage door to complete the look.

    Upgrade Your Style

    The style that worked for your home and fit your taste 10 years ago might be outdated by now, in which case a new garage door can revamp your design and offer a much-needed update. It’s especially important to keep your garage door in mind if you make major changes like painting your siding a different color or changing your roof. It’s normal for your taste to change over time, so have your garage door change in accordance. Today’s garage doors come in just about any color, texture, and style you can imagine, so take a look at your options and see what fits your current taste.

    Restore Your Original Look

    No garage door lasts forever, and a declining door can take away from your curb appeal instead of building it up. If you want to get back to the level of curb appeal you used to enjoy, then a new garage door might be the way to do it.

  • Spotlight on Clopay’s Gallery Collection Ultra Grain Doors

    A new garage door installation in Wyckoff should be both functional and cosmetically attractive, so don’t settle for one without the other. You also have to think about maintenance and longevity as well as energy efficiency. Watch this video to learn more about Clopay’s Gallery Collection Ultra Grain doors.

    There’s no denying that wooden doors are beautiful. They fit into different design styles, and they come with a natural, organic type of aesthetic appeal. The downside to wooden doors is that they can be tough to maintain. With Clopay’s Gallery Collection Ultra Grain doors, you can enjoy the look of wood without the work. These steel doors come with three stain options, energy-efficient insulation, and minimal maintenance requirements. All you have to do is wash and rinse your garage door every now and then to retain your curb appeal and make the most of your garage door.

  • Talking to Your Kids About Garage Door Safety

    Your garage door in Wyckoff helps keep you and your family secure, but it can also put you in danger if it’s misused. That’s why it’s so imperative that your kids know how to stay safe around the garage door. It’s your job to educate your children about the dangers that it can present and how to avoid accidents. Your children can actually help you stay safe as well, so make sure they know to tell you about any potential problems with the door. Continue reading for some help in talking to your kids about garage door safety. Talking To Your Kids About Garage Door Safety

    What to Say

    A garage door can do a lot to keep you safe, but it can also cause real injuries and damage if it malfunctions or is used improperly. Even if your children are too young to really understand how the garage door works or why it’s dangerous, they should know to be careful around it. If you use your garage as a living space or a playroom, the safety talk is even more crucial. Teach your kids that playing with the garage door is extremely dangerous because it’s heavy and has a lot of potentially hazardous components to it. Additionally, you may want to tell them to only operate the door when an adult is nearby.

    Why It’s Important

    The wires and springs that allow your garage door to operate are under an extreme amount of pressure, so if they snap, they can cause significant injuries. Accidents happen even when the proper safety mechanisms are in place, which makes safety a constant point of concern. Teaching your kids about garage door safety helps them stay out of harm’s way.

    Discussing Problems

    Children can actually let you know if there’s a problem with your garage door. Remind your kids to tell you if they notice anything abnormal or hear any strange sounds when the door is in motion so you can work with a professional to fix the problem.

  • Choosing the Right Color for Your Garage

    When people walk or drive by your house, they should notice a cohesive design across the entire exterior of your property. In order to make sure your design is as consistent and coherent as possible, it helps to break it down into elements. Think about your roof, your siding, your shutters, and your entry door, and then look at your garage. Your garage door in Wyckoff —and your garage itself—should tie your home design together and create a look that you can be proud of. Keep reading if you’re wondering how to choose the right color for your garage.

    Sometimes it’s easy to choose a color because you can just go with your all-time favorite. If that happens to be bright orange, it might not be applicable for your home design. Your garage design should match the look of the rest of your home, and it should be appealing to look at for you and your neighbors. Think about the colors that you used when designing the rest of your exterior and represent them in your garage design. Between the siding of your actual garage and the look of the door, there should be plenty of creative freedom.

    Right Color For Your Garage

  • FAQs About Choosing a New Garage Door

    If your garage door in Wyckoff breaks, you’re going to need a replacement as soon as possible. A garage without a door isn’t a safe place to store your belongings, and it’s even more problematic if you use your garage as a living space. When you start looking for a new door , you may want to start by choosing a particular material. From there you can think about what color garage door you want, and you can ask your installation and maintenance professionals anything you need to along the way. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about choosing a new garage door. Some Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing A New Garage Door

    Which material should I choose?

    The material your garage door is made from will affect much more than its appearance. Wooden doors are beautiful and can fit right in with your rustic home design, but they’ll also rot, shrink, and separate without the proper maintenance. Steel and vinyl doors are durable and don’t require much maintenance, and they can do a good job of replicating the look of other materials. You might also consider choosing a door with insulation, especially if you spend a lot of time in your garage and want to keep energy bills low.

    What color should my door be?

    At the end of the day, your garage door can be whatever color you want it to be. If you want to make your neighbors happy, choose a color that makes sense in the context of your overall home design. Warmer colors tend to be a safe bet, but you should base your garage door on elements like your roof, shutters, and siding.

    Who can I ask for advice?

    Nobody expects you to be a garage door expert, which is why the real experts are always available to talk to. If you’re ever unsure about what kind of garage door is right for your home, how it should be installed, or what you need to do to maintain it, reach out to your installation and maintenance professionals. The garage door pros have years of experience and would be happy to use their expertise to answer your questions.

  • See Clopay Doors Take Center Stage on HGTV

    Garage doors can significantly boost your curb appeal and give your home a completely new look. If you’re considering a new garage door in Wyckoff , then this video will give you an idea of just how great a door from Clopay could look on your home.

    This Clopay door was part of a design showcase hosted in a home in the Hamptons by HGTV. For the garage, they used a Western red cedar, carriage-style door from the Clopay Reserve Collection Limited Edition series. The classic style combines modern features with wood that will stand up to any climate, including the damp air of the Hamptons, making them an ideal fit for nearly any home.

  • What to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door Opener

    When it’s time to invest in a new garage door opener, there are several factors to consider before you choose the right one for your needs. Your garage door installation company in Wyckoff can offer extensive advice to help you select the right opener. As you weigh your options, keep these factors in mind. Garage Door Installation Company near Ridgewood

    Drive Type

    There are four main types of garage door opener drives:

    • Chain
    • Screw
    • Belt
    • Torsion

    There are pros and cons to each type of drive. Chain drives tend to be the least expensive, but they require more maintenance and are usually noisier than other types of drives. Screw drives are a step up from chain drives in that they require less maintenance and are less noisy, but they are also slightly more expensive. Belt drives rely on a rubber belt, so they are very quiet. They are more expensive than chain and screw drives. Torsion drives are the most expensive of the drives, but they are also extremely quiet and can work in garages with low ceilings.


    For some people, the speed at which a garage door opens is significant, while others are less concerned. Speeds can vary greatly from opener to opener, so test the models you are considering before buying. If you find that you are frequently in a rush or you simply like to get out as quickly as possible, choose the fastest speed you can find.


    Your garage door opener should have safety mechanisms that protect your family from injury and that also protect your home from intruders. Your garage door opener should have an eye sensor so that it stops automatically if it senses something under the door. This helps to stop the door from lowering on children or pets if they try to run through a door in motion. A lighting feature, which triggers a light anytime someone is in the garage is also helpful because it makes the driver aware.

    Keyless entry and remote entry systems help to protect your home. Consider choosing a newer model with a remote access code that changes with each use. You can also opt for a garage door opener that can be programmed to not open on certain dates, such as when you’re on vacation.