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  • Finding Solutions for Sagging Garage Doors

    Sagging is a common reason why homeowners call for garage door repairs in Wyckoff . If your door is sagging, it is important to get it inspected and repaired as soon as possible, before a minor problem turns into a major one. The garage door repair team can diagnose the cause so you can get the right fix.

    There are several different things that can lead to a sagging garage door. Loose hardware or a problem with the roller tracks can cause sagging. Sometimes, wooden garage doors sag in the middle because of moisture. The most serious cause of a sagging door is a problem with the torsion springs. If the torsion springs don’t function properly, a sagging door may be a precursor to more serious problems. Because fixing torsion springs can potentially lead to serious injury, it’s important to allow garage door repair professionals to complete the inspection and perform the necessary repairs.

    Solutions For Sagging Garage Doors

  • Is Your Garage Door Ready for Winter Weather?

    Winter can be rough on garage doors. Is yours up to the challenge? Before winter weather hits, it’s a good idea to schedule garage maintenance service in Wyckoff to identify any major issues that should be repaired. Here is a look at some strategies you should use to get your garage door ready for the season.

    Schedule Garage Maintenance Service near Ridgewood

    Do a Visual Inspection of Your Door

    If your garage door has any visible damage, consider getting it repaired before winter strikes. Areas of damage, such as warped wood or peeling paint, can leave your door more vulnerable to damage caused by winter weather. If you haven’t been regularly cleaning your garage door, now is a good time to start. Simply wiping it down with a mild detergent and rinsing it off will help to keep it in good condition.

    Look for Insulation Problems

    Garage door insulation and weather stripping deteriorate over time, which could leave your home vulnerable to an influx of cold air that makes your heating work harder and your energy bills go up. A simple way to see if your insulation and weather stripping needs to be replaced is to feel the air around your door. If you need an upgrade, you’ll find drafty areas on and around your door. Call your garage repair company if you think your insulation or weather stripping needs to be addressed so that you’re ready when the cold weather arrives.

    Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

    If your garage door balance is off, your hardware is loose, or if your rollers need to be replaced, your garage maintenance and repair team will locate the problem and fix it. Keep in mind that you should always let a professional handle garage door maintenance and repair service. Doing repairs yourself is dangerous, particularly when the springs are involved. Likewise, you could miss an important sign of damage or do a repair incorrectly, which could lead to the need for more extensive repairs.

  • How Long Do Garage Doors Last?

    Installing a new garage door is a big investment for any homeowner. If you wait too long to schedule your new garage door installation , however, you may find that your existing unit begins to deteriorate rapidly. A company that specializes in garage door installation near Wyckoff can help you find a new door that fits your requirements for longevity, safety, and style. Installing a new garage door is a great way to boost your home’s value and overall curb appeal.

    To figure out when your garage door is ready for replacement, you can take a look at its current quality and condition. An average garage door has an expected lifespan of up to thirty years. If you have been relying on the same garage door for several decades, there is a good chance that your door is in need of immediate replacement. After you have installed a new garage door, you can keep it in great condition by setting up yearly maintenance services.

    New Garage Door Installation

  • Common Safety Beam Issues and What to Do About Them

    Garage doors are equipped with advanced safety systems that are designed to protect your family and property from harm. Among the most critical safety systems in a modern garage door are the safety beams. If your safety beams are not functioning properly, do not wait to schedule garage door repair in Wyckoff. Your garage door repair technician will be able to get your safety beams functioning properly in no time. Read on for an overview of what to do about some of the most common safety beam issues in garage doors. Common Safety Beam Issues

    Dirty Sensors

    Your garage space may have a natural tendency to collect dirt and debris. If the electric-eye lenses in your garage door’s safety beam system are clogged with dirt, the unit may fail to function correctly. One of the first steps that you can take to repair your safety beams is to carefully clean the surfaces of the electric-eye lenses. When a thorough cleaning does not restore function to the unit, additional troubleshooting will be required.

    Improperly Adjusted Electric-Eye Lenses

    In order to detect when an object is in the way of a moving garage door, your sensor beams send an invisible beam along its path. In certain instances, the electric-eye lenses that deliver this beam can get knocked out of position. If your safety beam malfunction is due to improperly adjusted eyes, you may need to hire a professional garage door contractor to reset their orientation.

    Loose Terminal Connections

    A safety beam system is powered by electricity. Over the months and years, the electrical connections that power the safety beam can become loose. A professional garage repair technician will be able to open up the garage door’s outlet and inspect all of the electrical terminals. If loose wires and terminal connections are discovered, they may be the source of your issue. Tightening loose terminal connections is a fairly simple procedure that can immediately restore your sensor beam to correct working condition.

  • Spotlight on Clopay’s Avante Garage Door Collection

    If you are shopping for a gorgeous garage door that will inspire the envy of your neighbors, check out the Avante Garage Door Collection from Clopay . This video will provide you with a tour of the features of the Avante Collection. This series of garage doors combines aluminum and glass to create a modern design. Using durable aluminum framing and reinforced fins, Clopay has created a garage door that is both durable and attractive. A contractor that offers garage door installation near Wyckoff can help you choose and install your new Avanti garage door.

    To tour the Avanti Garage Door Collection in person, schedule a consultation with a local garage door installer. After you have toured some of your new garage door options, you will have a better sense of what type of system will be suited for your needs.

  • A Look at the Top Ways to Maintain Your Garage Door

    Your garage door serves as the entryway to your home. In order to function properly, your garage door’s many moving systems must be maintained correctly A company that offers garage door maintenance in Wyckoff can help you keep your door opening smoothly and safely for many years to come. At least once a year, it is helpful to perform some basic maintenance procedures on your door. Here is a look at some of the top garage door maintenance procedures. Garage Door Maintenance Procedures

    Inspect and Tighten the Hardware

    As your door opens and closes, its hardware will provide it with stability and support. When you operate your garage door over the course of months and years, your garage door hardware can naturally loosen. When you are maintaining your garage door, make sure to take a look at the condition of the hardware. The brackets, rollers, and roller track may need to be tightened or adjusted. Taking the time to inspect your hardware can help to prevent future maintenance problems.

    Lubricate the Chain or Screw

    Depending on your garage door model, your unit may rely a chain or a screw to open or close. An essential step of maintaining your garage door is to take the time to lubricate the chain or screw. Without proper lubrication, your opener may no longer run smoothly or efficiently. Additionally, regular lubrication can help to extend the lifespan of your chain. Typically, a product called white lithium grease is used to lubricate garage door openers.

    Test for Balance and Safety

    During a garage door maintenance procedure, you will also need to make sure that your system is properly balanced. If your garage door is not properly balanced, it will not be able to safely lower. You can test your garage door’s balance by opening it halfway. If it is unable to maintain a halfway position, this is a sign that the spring is out of balance. Since balancing a garage door spring requires care and precision, make sure to hire a garage door contractor to perform the procedure.

  • What Should I Do if My Garage Door Is Stuck?

    Your garage door in Wyckoff won’t do much for you if it won’t open and close, and it should operate smoothly. If it doesn’t, there’s a number of factors that could be at play. The important thing to remember is that large, heavy appliances like garage doors can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, so you shouldn’t attempt to make any big repairs by yourself. The professionals know how to fix the problem safely , which avoids any unnecessary risk of injury. Here’s what you should do if your garage door is stuck.

    Even though the door itself makes up the bulk of your garage door system, there are other elements that impact its ability to function. There are hinges and springs that handle the heavy weight of the door, as well as a track that guides it as it moves up and down, and even an opener that triggers the action. Whether your door is stuck in the up position, down position, or in the middle, there’s a problem at hand. Call your garage door professional when this happens. He or she can assess your hinges, springs, and tracks, and make the necessary changes to get you up and running.

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  • Identifying Common Reasons for Squeaky Garage Doors

    After a few uses, you should have an idea of what any given appliance will sound like. Appliances of all kinds tend to use abnormal noises to help you recognize that there’s a problem. If you have a squeaky garage door in Wyckoff, there could be a few reasons why. Your door might have come out of balance, you could be having trouble with your system’s springs and hinges, or you might just have a loud garage door opener. Remember that these noises may be much more than an inconvenience, so call your garage door professional to see if you need a repair. Read ahead for tips on identifying the common reasons for squeaky garage doors. Common Reasons For Squeaky Garage Doors

    Unbalanced Door

    Sometimes it’s tough to tell why your garage door is squeaking, and other times the problem is quite clear. If your door falls out of balance, one side will touch the ground while the other stays elevated. This is easy to diagnose just by looking at the door, especially at night. If you turn your garage light on and you can see more of it peering under the door on one side than the other, your garage door is unbalanced. This lack of balance is dangerous and can damage your investment, so talk to the professionals about balancing your door sooner rather than later.

    Hardware Problems

    Your garage door needs the help of hardware like springs, rollers, and hinges to slide up and down smoothly. When these components start to wear out, they might start to make noises when the door is in use. You may also hear the squeaking and rattling of nuts and bolts loosening, which can have a serious impact on your garage door’s ability to function. Never try to adjust the hardware yourself.

    Type of Opener

    Belt drive, screw drive, and chain drive are the 3 types of garage door openers. Screw and chain drives are known for being louder. If your opener is a screw or chain drive, then you might not actually have a problem. However, you can always talk to the professionals to be sure.

  • Introducing the Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series

    Not all garage doors in Wyckoff are created equally, and the Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series can prove it. These doors are versatile, durable, efficient, and beautiful, bringing you everything you could want in a garage door. Watch this video for an introduction to the Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series.

    A wooden door brings a unique sense of beauty to your property, but it also requires a significant amount of maintenance. If you want the realistic, organic look without the hassle that comes along with natural wood, consider the Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series. These doors are made to look just like wood doors, but they offer the efficiency advantages that come with a steel door. You can choose from Pecky or Clear Cypress as well as mahogany, or you can combine different elements for a truly custom look. You can even paint or stain your door to your liking.

  • Exploring Options for Garage Door Materials

    A new garage door in Wyckoff is an exciting addition to the home, and there are more options to choose from than ever before. When you start thinking about what type you’d like for your home, it helps to begin by finding the right material. Some materials are known to be strong, while others are known for their natural beauty. The material you choose will impact the longevity of your investment, the amount of maintenance you’ll have to provide, and the curb appeal of your home. Steel, aluminum, and wood are a few of the popular options, so keep reading and explore your options for garage door materials. Options For Garage Door Materials


    If your primary concern is durability, you can’t go wrong with a steel garage door. A steel door will keep you, your family, and your property safe and secure. This makes it a great option if you are extra concerned about keeping criminals from breaking into your home, and it can give the whole family some extra peace of mind. In addition to being durable and long lasting, steel can contribute to your curb appeal. You can paint steel however you want, so feel free to be creative when considering your design.


    As another type of metal door, an aluminum garage door is much like a steel one. They should last over time, and they offer some aesthetic versatility, so you can make the most of your creative freedom. Aluminum doors aren’t as heavy as their steel counterparts, but they’re also not as expensive. It takes a lot for an aluminum door to rust, so you won’t have to worry so much about maintenance requirements, either.


    There are certain styles of homes that can look great with wooden garage doors. Wood offers a natural beauty that is difficult to top, and there is a wide range of species to choose from. You can also stain or paint your door so it matches your home design perfectly. The one drawback to wooden doors is that wood is vulnerable to problems like splitting, rot, and insects. If you go with a wood door, maintain it regularly.