Comparing Entry Door Materials

There are many materials used in home construction, such as fiberglass, steel, and wood. These materials are often used for garage door manufacturing, but they are just as popular for entry doors in Wyckoff. Wood is a beautiful choice, but it is not as energy efficient as fiberglass and steel. Steel is a strong material for garage doors and entry doors, but it is still not as efficient as fiberglass. Read on for a brief comparison of these three entry door materials. entry - door


Fiberglass is considered one of the best entry door materials, because of its low-maintenance, customizability, and resistance to rot and rust. Fiberglass entry doors can be manufactured to look like wood with realistic grain patterns, but it will not warp, rot, or wear in the same manner as wood. It will not crack or chip like other painted doors. Fiberglass doors are also made with highly insulating properties, which will keep a house sealed against air leaks. This will add to a home’s energy efficiency, and it will prevent high heating and cooling costs.


Steel entry doors offer similar qualities to fiberglass doors, such as a high energy efficiency rating. Steel is also low-maintenance and resistant to warping and rotting. However, steel may rust in damp conditions. If a steel door is not properly maintained or it receives a lot of dents and scratches, then it may rust. Steel can be painted any color a homeowner may want, but this paint may chip over time. Steel doors also conduct extreme temperatures, which can lead to a very hot or very cold door during certain conditions.


Wood is still a common choice because of its appealing and natural appearance. Wood entry doors can be painted or stained in any color, but they often must be refinished to prevent peeling and bubbling. Refinishing is often required after a wood door has faded from high sun exposure. Wood doors will warp or rot in very damp conditions, which can lead to air leaks and higher energy costs.

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