Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Door

Some Great Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Once you have made the investment in a new garage door in Wyckoff , it’s important that you care for your garage door properly. Garage door maintenance will improve your garage door’s appearance, as well as ensure that it remains safe and easy to operate, without garage door malfunctions or garage door problems. Here are some great garage door maintenance tips that will lower the likelihood that you’ll need garage door replacement in the future. Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Inspect Your Garage Door Regularly and Pay Attention to Changes

Every time you use your garage door, you should pay attention to how it moves and the noises it makes. If your garage door is no longer moving smoothly or symmetrically, or if it starts making grinding or screeching noises, you may need garage door repair. Be sure to inspect your garage door and garage door opener regularly to confirm that the parts are all working correctly. Tighten your garage door’s hardware, assess its counterweight, and inspect its rollers. Another key element of routine garage door maintenance is lubricating the garage door’s moving parts.

Maintain Your Garage Door’s Weather Stripping

Your garage door should have weather stripping across the bottom of the door. This keeps extreme temperatures out of your garage, and protects your garage door and the belongings that you keep in your garage. If your weather stripping has begun to peel away, or if it is cracked or brittle, you will need to apply more to your garage door. You should also routinely clean out the tracks of your garage door, and keep the door itself clean and rust-free.

Test the Garage Door’s Safety Features Often

It is very important that you test the safety features of your garage door and garage door opener often. You can test the garage door’s mechanical precaution by placing something durable in the path of the garage door, and watching to be sure that the garage door reverses direction when it makes contact with the object. If the safety sensors on your garage door are not working properly, you need to contact a professional garage door repairman immediately.