Resetting Your LiftMaster Remote

Company That Offers Garage Door Opener Repair Near Wycoff

If you have recently purchased a new garage door opener for your LiftMaster unit, it is important to take the time to reset your remote. Neglecting to reset your LiftMaster remote after you purchase your new controller could allow strangers to open your garage door from the outside. For assistance with your reset procedure, be sure to contact a company that offers garage door opener repair near Wyckoff.

Resetting your garage door opener remote is a fairly simple procedure that you may be able to accomplish on your own. To reset your remote, you will first need to use a ladder to access the back of your control unit using a stepladder. Once you have reached your remote, you will be able to find the series of switches that relay signals between your opener and your remote. Pressing the learn button on the opener will allow the unit to match its settings with your remote control’s signals. After this procedure is finished, you should be able to use your new remote to open and close your garage door.

Garage Door Opener Repair Near Wycoff