How the Pros Adjust Garage Door Tension

Consult Your Garage Door Installers Before Making Repairs On Your Own

If you need to tighten the tension on your garage door near Wyckoff, then there are many garage door resources to help you. As you can see in the video, adjusting the garage door tension is a simple task. However, you should also consult your garage door installers before making repairs on your own.

Watch the video to see how to adjust the tension of your garage door. Disconnect the opener and open the door. Use two clamps to secure the open door. Pull out a safe stepladder so you can access the tension cables toward the front of your garage. You should see a hook with access to several holes on a metal brace. Lift the hook out and pull it to the farthest hole you can. This will help tighten the garage door’s tension. Adjust the other side of the garage door in the exact same manner.