Common Safety Beam Issues and What to Do About Them

Most Common Safety Beam Issues In Garage Doors

Garage doors are equipped with advanced safety systems that are designed to protect your family and property from harm. Among the most critical safety systems in a modern garage door are the safety beams. If your safety beams are not functioning properly, do not wait to schedule garage door repair in Wyckoff. Your garage door repair technician will be able to get your safety beams functioning properly in no time. Read on for an overview of what to do about some of the most common safety beam issues in garage doors. Common Safety Beam Issues Dirty Sensors Your garage space may have a natural tendency to collect dirt and debris. If the electric-eye lenses in your garage door’s safety beam system are clogged with dirt, the unit may fail to function correctly. One of the first steps that you can take to repair your safety beams is to carefully clean the surfaces of the electric-eye lenses. When a thorough cleaning does not restore function to the unit, additional troubleshooting will be required. Improperly Adjusted Electric-Eye Lenses In order to detect when a
n object is in the way of a moving garage door, your sensor beams send an invisible beam along its path. In certain instances, the electric-eye lenses that deliver this beam can get knocked out of position. If your safety beam malfunction is due to improperly adjusted eyes, you may need to hire a professional garage door contractor to reset their orientation. Loose Terminal Connections A safety beam system is powered by electricity. Over the months and years, the electrical connections that power the safety beam can become loose. A professional garage repair technician will be able to open up the garage door’s outlet and inspect all of the electrical terminals. If loose wires and terminal connections are discovered, they may be the source of your issue. Tightening loose terminal connections is a fairly simple procedure that can immediately restore your sensor beam to correct working condition.