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  • FAQs About Choosing a New Garage Door

    If your garage door in Wyckoff breaks, you’re going to need a replacement as soon as possible. A garage without a door isn’t a safe place to store your belongings, and it’s even more problematic if you use your garage as a living space. When you start looking for a new door , you may want to start by choosing a particular material. From there you can think about what color garage door you want, and you can ask your installation and maintenance professionals anything you need to along the way. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about choosing a new garage door. Some Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing A New Garage Door

    Which material should I choose?

    The material your garage door is made from will affect much more than its appearance. Wooden doors are beautiful and can fit right in with your rustic home design, but they’ll also rot, shrink, and separate without the proper maintenance. Steel and vinyl doors are durable and don’t require much maintenance, and they can do a good job of replicating the look of other materials. You might also consider choosing a door with insulation, especially if you spend a lot of time in your garage and want to keep energy bills low.

    What color should my door be?

    At the end of the day, your garage door can be whatever color you want it to be. If you want to make your neighbors happy, choose a color that makes sense in the context of your overall home design. Warmer colors tend to be a safe bet, but you should base your garage door on elements like your roof, shutters, and siding.

    Who can I ask for advice?

    Nobody expects you to be a garage door expert, which is why the real experts are always available to talk to. If you’re ever unsure about what kind of garage door is right for your home, how it should be installed, or what you need to do to maintain it, reach out to your installation and maintenance professionals. The garage door pros have years of experience and would be happy to use their expertise to answer your questions.

  • Finding Solutions for Sagging Garage Doors

    Sagging is a common reason why homeowners call for garage door repairs in Wyckoff . If your door is sagging, it is important to get it inspected and repaired as soon as possible, before a minor problem turns into a major one. The garage door repair team can diagnose the cause so you can get the right fix.

    There are several different things that can lead to a sagging garage door. Loose hardware or a problem with the roller tracks can cause sagging. Sometimes, wooden garage doors sag in the middle because of moisture. The most serious cause of a sagging door is a problem with the torsion springs. If the torsion springs don’t function properly, a sagging door may be a precursor to more serious problems. Because fixing torsion springs can potentially lead to serious injury, it’s important to allow garage door repair professionals to complete the inspection and perform the necessary repairs.

    Solutions For Sagging Garage Doors

  • Is Your Garage Door Ready for Winter Weather?

    Winter can be rough on garage doors. Is yours up to the challenge? Before winter weather hits, it’s a good idea to schedule garage maintenance service in Wyckoff to identify any major issues that should be repaired. Here is a look at some strategies you should use to get your garage door ready for the season.

    Schedule Garage Maintenance Service near Ridgewood

    Do a Visual Inspection of Your Door

    If your garage door has any visible damage, consider getting it repaired before winter strikes. Areas of damage, such as warped wood or peeling paint, can leave your door more vulnerable to damage caused by winter weather. If you haven’t been regularly cleaning your garage door, now is a good time to start. Simply wiping it down with a mild detergent and rinsing it off will help to keep it in good condition.

    Look for Insulation Problems

    Garage door insulation and weather stripping deteriorate over time, which could leave your home vulnerable to an influx of cold air that makes your heating work harder and your energy bills go up. A simple way to see if your insulation and weather stripping needs to be replaced is to feel the air around your door. If you need an upgrade, you’ll find drafty areas on and around your door. Call your garage repair company if you think your insulation or weather stripping needs to be addressed so that you’re ready when the cold weather arrives.

    Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

    If your garage door balance is off, your hardware is loose, or if your rollers need to be replaced, your garage maintenance and repair team will locate the problem and fix it. Keep in mind that you should always let a professional handle garage door maintenance and repair service. Doing repairs yourself is dangerous, particularly when the springs are involved. Likewise, you could miss an important sign of damage or do a repair incorrectly, which could lead to the need for more extensive repairs.

  • What Should I Do if My Garage Door Is Stuck?

    Your garage door in Wyckoff won’t do much for you if it won’t open and close, and it should operate smoothly. If it doesn’t, there’s a number of factors that could be at play. The important thing to remember is that large, heavy appliances like garage doors can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, so you shouldn’t attempt to make any big repairs by yourself. The professionals know how to fix the problem safely , which avoids any unnecessary risk of injury. Here’s what you should do if your garage door is stuck.

    Even though the door itself makes up the bulk of your garage door system, there are other elements that impact its ability to function. There are hinges and springs that handle the heavy weight of the door, as well as a track that guides it as it moves up and down, and even an opener that triggers the action. Whether your door is stuck in the up position, down position, or in the middle, there’s a problem at hand. Call your garage door professional when this happens. He or she can assess your hinges, springs, and tracks, and make the necessary changes to get you up and running.

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  • Introducing the Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series

    Not all garage doors in Wyckoff are created equally, and the Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series can prove it. These doors are versatile, durable, efficient, and beautiful, bringing you everything you could want in a garage door. Watch this video for an introduction to the Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series.

    A wooden door brings a unique sense of beauty to your property, but it also requires a significant amount of maintenance. If you want the realistic, organic look without the hassle that comes along with natural wood, consider the Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series. These doors are made to look just like wood doors, but they offer the efficiency advantages that come with a steel door. You can choose from Pecky or Clear Cypress as well as mahogany, or you can combine different elements for a truly custom look. You can even paint or stain your door to your liking.

  • The Common Causes of Broken Garage Door Springs

    Your garage door spring is one of its most critical mechanisms. Without a functional spring, you may find that your garage door opener fails to function altogether. A company that offers garage door repair in Wyckoff will be able to get to the bottom of why your garage door opener and spring are failing to function correctly. By fixing your garage door spring, you can ensure that your garage door is in safe operational condition for daily use. Let’s review some of the most common causes of broken garage door springs. Most Common Causes Of Broken Garage Door Springs

    Natural Wear and Tear

    One of the most common reasons for a broken garage door spring is that the unit has simply experienced additional wear and tear over time. When a typical garage door spring is installed, it will last for about 10,000 uses. After a significant period of time has passed, your garage door spring may be in danger of failing. Replacing your spring before it gets too old will help you keep your garage door functioning safely.

    Excessive Corrosion

    A quality garage door spring will be treated with a material that has been designed to prevent corrosion. However, in certain instances, rust may start to develop on the metallic surface of the spring. When your spring gets rusty, it may no longer be able to provide your garage door with the correct level of tension. Lubricating your spring regularly can help you to prevent rust issues in your garage door opener.

    Improper Maintenance

    As a homeowner, it is generally a good idea to schedule professional garage door maintenance at least once a year. When you have your garage door inspected by a team of expert technicians, you will be able to catch maintenance problems before they become serious safety issues. In the event that you neglect garage door maintenance for several years or longer, you may wind up with a broken garage door spring or other serious repair problems.

  • Replacing Your LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Battery

    In order for your LiftMaster garage door opener to function correctly, you will need to replace its battery about every one or two years. This video from LiftMaster provides some essential instructions for replacing your garage door opener battery. If you are struggling to access the battery compartment or replace the battery, itself, consider setting up professional garage door repair in Wyckoff.

    Your garage door repair technicians can provide you with a full range of services that will help your garage door opener to remain in perfect shape for many years to come. From battery replacement to spring repair troubleshooting, your technicians can perform all types of repairs that are needed to restore your opener to perfect function.

  • Troubleshooting Your Garage Door Safety Sensor

    When your garage door opens and closes, it can cause serious harm to any persons or objects that are in its path. In order to prevent accidents, many garage doors are equipped with safety sensors. While a working safety sensor can help to protect your family, a malfunctioning sensor can cause your garage door to fail. With professional garage door repair near Wyckoff, you can get to the bottom of what is causing your garage door issue. Here are some tips that can help you to troubleshoot your garage door safety sensor issues. Garage Door Safety Sensor Issues

    Look for Positioning Problems

    In order to detect objects that may be obstructing the path of your garage door, a safety sensor must be aimed directly at where your garage door will hit when it opens and closes. During your initial installation, your technician may have positioned your safety sensor incorrectly. A device called a laser level can be used to map out the path of the safety sensor’s photo eye and determine whether it is pointed in the right direction.

    Inspect for Faulty Electrical Wiring

    Safety sensors are delicate electrical components that need to be connected to your property’s main electrical wiring grid. Occasionally, the wiring that is attached to your electrical wiring may become frayed or disconnected. To troubleshoot a wiring issue, it is possible to inspect your safety sensor to see whether its indicator lights are turned off. If the lights are shut off, the safety sensor may not be properly wired.

    Evaluate for Photo-Eye Issues

    One of the most critical components of a garage door safety sensor is called the photo-eye. The photo-eye is what traces objects and people that may be in danger of being hit by the garage door as it closes. Over time, the photo-eye in your safety sensor can become damaged by excess moisture or accidental impact. A garage door safety sensor that is failing to work altogether may be in need of a photo-eye replacement.

  • Resetting Your LiftMaster Remote

    If you have recently purchased a new garage door opener for your LiftMaster unit, it is important to take the time to reset your remote. Neglecting to reset your LiftMaster remote after you purchase your new controller could allow strangers to open your garage door from the outside. For assistance with your reset procedure, be sure to contact a company that offers garage door opener repair near Wyckoff.

    Resetting your garage door opener remote is a fairly simple procedure that you may be able to accomplish on your own. To reset your remote, you will first need to use a ladder to access the back of your control unit using a stepladder. Once you have reached your remote, you will be able to find the series of switches that relay signals between your opener and your remote. Pressing the learn button on the opener will allow the unit to match its settings with your remote control’s signals. After this procedure is finished, you should be able to use your new remote to open and close your garage door.

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  • Fixing a Rotten Garage Door Post

    The structural integrity of your wooden garage door in Wyckoff is essential, and it can impact the whole home. You should repair an issue like a rotten garage door post as soon as you can so that the problem doesn’t become any more complicated. Watch this video for an overview of fixing a rotten garage door post.

    You’ll need to stabilize your garage roof in order to replace your garage door post, and you can do this using a temporary post. Once the roof is secure you can take out the old trim work and cut out any damage from pests and rot. Pull out the post and clean out the debris from the hole, and then fill the hole with concrete. Next, put the post base in the wet concrete, cap the base nut, and place the new post. Replace your wooden post with a similar PVC post for easier maintenance.