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  • Talking to Your Kids About Garage Door Safety

    Your garage door in Wyckoff helps keep you and your family secure, but it can also put you in danger if it’s misused. That’s why it’s so imperative that your kids know how to stay safe around the garage door. It’s your job to educate your children about the dangers that it can present and how to avoid accidents. Your children can actually help you stay safe as well, so make sure they know to tell you about any potential problems with the door. Continue reading for some help in talking to your kids about garage door safety. Talking To Your Kids About Garage Door Safety

    What to Say

    A garage door can do a lot to keep you safe, but it can also cause real injuries and damage if it malfunctions or is used improperly. Even if your children are too young to really understand how the garage door works or why it’s dangerous, they should know to be careful around it. If you use your garage as a living space or a playroom, the safety talk is even more crucial. Teach your kids that playing with the garage door is extremely dangerous because it’s heavy and has a lot of potentially hazardous components to it. Additionally, you may want to tell them to only operate the door when an adult is nearby.

    Why It’s Important

    The wires and springs that allow your garage door to operate are under an extreme amount of pressure, so if they snap, they can cause significant injuries. Accidents happen even when the proper safety mechanisms are in place, which makes safety a constant point of concern. Teaching your kids about garage door safety helps them stay out of harm’s way.

    Discussing Problems

    Children can actually let you know if there’s a problem with your garage door. Remind your kids to tell you if they notice anything abnormal or hear any strange sounds when the door is in motion so you can work with a professional to fix the problem.

  • See Clopay Doors Take Center Stage on HGTV

    Garage doors can significantly boost your curb appeal and give your home a completely new look. If you’re considering a new garage door in Wyckoff , then this video will give you an idea of just how great a door from Clopay could look on your home.

    This Clopay door was part of a design showcase hosted in a home in the Hamptons by HGTV. For the garage, they used a Western red cedar, carriage-style door from the Clopay Reserve Collection Limited Edition series. The classic style combines modern features with wood that will stand up to any climate, including the damp air of the Hamptons, making them an ideal fit for nearly any home.

  • What Should I Do if My Garage Door Is Stuck?

    Your garage door in Wyckoff won’t do much for you if it won’t open and close, and it should operate smoothly. If it doesn’t, there’s a number of factors that could be at play. The important thing to remember is that large, heavy appliances like garage doors can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, so you shouldn’t attempt to make any big repairs by yourself. The professionals know how to fix the problem safely , which avoids any unnecessary risk of injury. Here’s what you should do if your garage door is stuck.

    Even though the door itself makes up the bulk of your garage door system, there are other elements that impact its ability to function. There are hinges and springs that handle the heavy weight of the door, as well as a track that guides it as it moves up and down, and even an opener that triggers the action. Whether your door is stuck in the up position, down position, or in the middle, there’s a problem at hand. Call your garage door professional when this happens. He or she can assess your hinges, springs, and tracks, and make the necessary changes to get you up and running.

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  • Resetting Your LiftMaster Remote

    If you have recently purchased a new garage door opener for your LiftMaster unit, it is important to take the time to reset your remote. Neglecting to reset your LiftMaster remote after you purchase your new controller could allow strangers to open your garage door from the outside. For assistance with your reset procedure, be sure to contact a company that offers garage door opener repair near Wyckoff.

    Resetting your garage door opener remote is a fairly simple procedure that you may be able to accomplish on your own. To reset your remote, you will first need to use a ladder to access the back of your control unit using a stepladder. Once you have reached your remote, you will be able to find the series of switches that relay signals between your opener and your remote. Pressing the learn button on the opener will allow the unit to match its settings with your remote control’s signals. After this procedure is finished, you should be able to use your new remote to open and close your garage door.

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  • How to Give Your Garage Door a Facelift

    When you are looking for a quick and easy way to add value to your home, you may want to consider a garage door makeover. In this video, you will learn some tips and tricks for improving the appearance of your garage doors. With a simple coat of paint, you can freshen up your garage doors and add curb appeal to your property. A company that offers garage door maintenance in Wyckoff can assist you with your renovation procedures.

    If your current garage doors are no longer functioning correctly, it may be time to consider a garage door replacement. Brand new garage doors will look great, and they will also add improved comfort and convenience to your home. Whether you renovate or replace your garage doors, a garage makeover is a terrific investment for your property.

  • Spotlight on Custom Wood Garage Doors

    If you are getting ready to install new garage doors on your property, you may want to talk to your garage door installation company in Wyckoff about the possibility of installing custom wood garage doors. Custom wood garage doors will provide your garage with terrific durability and installation, while also creating additional flair and beauty on the exterior of your home. There are may advantages to creating custom wood garage doors for your home.

    When you are planning your custom wood garage door installation , you will be able to pick out the materials and features that appeal to you. For example, classic oak garage doors can be enhanced with beautiful custom inlays, windows, and other premium features. If you are seeking a luxurious look for your new garage doors, you may also want to ask your garage door designer about your custom wood carriage door options. By picking out the features and materials that you find beautiful, you can create the new garage doors of your dreams.

    Advantages To Creating Custom Wood Garage Doors

  • Exploring the Ways in Which Garage Doors Can Affect Your Home’s Curb Appeal

    If you are getting ready to sell your home, you may want to consider taking the time to replace your garage doors. With new garage doors, you will be able to completely transform the way that your home looks from the street. A company that offers quality garage door installation in Wyckoff will be able to help you pick out new garage doors that pair beautifully with the exterior style and landscaping of your home. Here is a look at some ways that garage doors can affect the curb appeal of your home. Garage Doors Can Affect The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

    Add More Exterior Windows

    When you are shopping for new garage doors, you may want to shop for models that feature exterior windows. While windows on your garage doors may seem unusual, breaking up the exterior of your garage with beautiful windows will dramatically enhance the front entryway of your home. Your garage windows will also let natural light into your garage, which will help you make your garage space more welcoming and inviting.

    Choose Stylish Hardware

    As you are planning renovations that will improve the curb appeal of your home, you will want to pay attention to the big picture and the smallest details. When you pick out new garage doors, you may want to accent your installation with stylish hardware. Beautiful brass or stainless steel hardware, for example, can help to provide your home with a luxurious and elegant new look.

    Match Your Exterior Paint Colors

    Exterior paint can dramatically refresh the exterior look of your home. In order to integrate your new garage doors to your home, you may want to select doors that can be painted to match your existing color scheme. Painting your doors the same color as your exterior trim can make a stunning style statement for your property. Overall, your new garage doors are sure to add an exceptional wow factor to your house.

  • Looking at Common Garage Door Mistakes Made by Homeowners

    Your garage door plays a significant role in the appearance, function, and security of your home. To help keep yours in good condition, there are several steps that you can take. The following are a few mistakes that homeowners commonly make when it comes to their garage doors in Wyckoff and what you can do to avoid them. Common Garage Door Mistakes

    Forgoing Maintenance

    Practicing ongoing garage door maintenance is a great way to ensure its continuing function and to extend its lifespan. To help keep your garage door looking great and working well, occasionally contact a garage door maintenance company to schedule a tune-up appointment. In addition to this, there are several things that you can do yourself to maintain your garage door. First, apply an appropriate lubricant on the chains, wheels, and any other moving parts to keep them running smoothly. Also, use something like a leaf blower or broom to remove debris from the tracks. Finally, clean the door’s exterior once in a while to prevent buildup and maintain its appearance.

    Avoiding Replacement

    If your garage door is acting up for the first time, then hiring a garage door repair company is often the best decision. However, if your garage door is often running into problems and requires frequent repairs to function properly, then it’s probably time for you to consider garage door replacement. Although it requires an investment up front, this option can save you on repair costs long-term.

    Attempting Repairs

    More and more, homeowners are looking for ways to save on home maintenance costs, leading them to attempt a variety of repair jobs themselves. While this can sometimes be a good idea, DIY projects are not always successful and, unlike some projects you might feel willing to take on and fail at, garage door repairs should not be listed among them. Attempting fixes on your own is among the most dangerous mistakes that you can make when it comes to your home’s garage door. If its springs or cables are in need of repairs, then leave this type of job to the professionals.

  • How Your Garage Door Affects Your Safety

    As long as you follow proper garage door maintenance and seek necessary garage door repairs in Wyckoff , your garage door should operate easily and safely. A new garage door installation or garage door replacement can also significantly improve the security and safety of your home. If your garage door is secure, no one can enter your home through the garage. To make sure that your garage door is as secure as possible, you can follow some important safety tips.

    You should only install a garage door opener that utilizes rolling code technology, which guarantees that your garage door remote transmits a unique code to the garage door opener every time you use it. You should never leave your garage door remote out where someone could steal it, and you should be careful about who you lend it to.

    You should always keep your garage door locked, and secure your garage door’s emergency release. You can also install a deadbolt lock on the door that leads from your garage to your home. Never leave your garage door open longer than necessary. You may also consider frosting or covering your garage door windows so that no one can see your valuables or take note of whether your car is gone.

    Follow Proper Garage Door Maintenance

  • The Different Types of Garage Door Springs

    Before your garage door contractor begins your garage door replacement or new garage door installation near Wyckoff , you will have to make a few decisions. In addition to the design, color, and style of your new garage door, you will also have to decide what type of springs you would prefer. Here is a look at the two different types of garage door springs, and how you can decide which one is best for your garage door installation. Different Types Of Garage Door Springs

    Extension Springs

    Extension springs are the most common type of spring used in garage door openers. This type of spring is located above the horizontal tracks on each side of the garage door. In order for the garage door opener to function, the springs extend slowly, and provide a counterbalancing force that supports the garage door. The more force that is applied to the springs, either by human hand or garage door opener motor, the more the extension springs will expand.

    Torsion Springs

    Torsion springs operate very differently than extension springs, as they use torque to raise your garage door. Torsion springs are installed above the garage door opening, and they slowly twist on the shaft of the garage door opener whenever force is applied. Torsion springs are available in a wide variety of wire sizes and lengths, and the size you need depends upon the weight, height, and track radius of your garage door.

    How to Choose Between the Two

    While extension springs are typically less expensive, they can also be more dangerous. They have more exposed parts, and if you experience a garage door malfunction or garage door problem, the spring may become a projectile if the garage door’s safety cables fail. Torsion springs are able to support more weight, and they also last longer. They do not have as many exposed parts, so they are also safer to operate. The higher quality of torsion springs means that they are more expensive than extension springs, however.