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  • See Clopay Doors Take Center Stage on HGTV

    Garage doors can significantly boost your curb appeal and give your home a completely new look. If you’re considering a new garage door in Wyckoff , then this video will give you an idea of just how great a door from Clopay could look on your home.

    This Clopay door was part of a design showcase hosted in a home in the Hamptons by HGTV. For the garage, they used a Western red cedar, carriage-style door from the Clopay Reserve Collection Limited Edition series. The classic style combines modern features with wood that will stand up to any climate, including the damp air of the Hamptons, making them an ideal fit for nearly any home.

  • What to Consider When Choosing a Garage Door Opener

    When it’s time to invest in a new garage door opener, there are several factors to consider before you choose the right one for your needs. Your garage door installation company in Wyckoff can offer extensive advice to help you select the right opener. As you weigh your options, keep these factors in mind. Garage Door Installation Company near Ridgewood

    Drive Type

    There are four main types of garage door opener drives:

    • Chain
    • Screw
    • Belt
    • Torsion

    There are pros and cons to each type of drive. Chain drives tend to be the least expensive, but they require more maintenance and are usually noisier than other types of drives. Screw drives are a step up from chain drives in that they require less maintenance and are less noisy, but they are also slightly more expensive. Belt drives rely on a rubber belt, so they are very quiet. They are more expensive than chain and screw drives. Torsion drives are the most expensive of the drives, but they are also extremely quiet and can work in garages with low ceilings.


    For some people, the speed at which a garage door opens is significant, while others are less concerned. Speeds can vary greatly from opener to opener, so test the models you are considering before buying. If you find that you are frequently in a rush or you simply like to get out as quickly as possible, choose the fastest speed you can find.


    Your garage door opener should have safety mechanisms that protect your family from injury and that also protect your home from intruders. Your garage door opener should have an eye sensor so that it stops automatically if it senses something under the door. This helps to stop the door from lowering on children or pets if they try to run through a door in motion. A lighting feature, which triggers a light anytime someone is in the garage is also helpful because it makes the driver aware.

    Keyless entry and remote entry systems help to protect your home. Consider choosing a newer model with a remote access code that changes with each use. You can also opt for a garage door opener that can be programmed to not open on certain dates, such as when you’re on vacation.

  • Finding Solutions for Sagging Garage Doors

    Sagging is a common reason why homeowners call for garage door repairs in Wyckoff . If your door is sagging, it is important to get it inspected and repaired as soon as possible, before a minor problem turns into a major one. The garage door repair team can diagnose the cause so you can get the right fix.

    There are several different things that can lead to a sagging garage door. Loose hardware or a problem with the roller tracks can cause sagging. Sometimes, wooden garage doors sag in the middle because of moisture. The most serious cause of a sagging door is a problem with the torsion springs. If the torsion springs don’t function properly, a sagging door may be a precursor to more serious problems. Because fixing torsion springs can potentially lead to serious injury, it’s important to allow garage door repair professionals to complete the inspection and perform the necessary repairs.

    Solutions For Sagging Garage Doors

  • Is Your Garage Door Ready for Winter Weather?

    Winter can be rough on garage doors. Is yours up to the challenge? Before winter weather hits, it’s a good idea to schedule garage maintenance service in Wyckoff to identify any major issues that should be repaired. Here is a look at some strategies you should use to get your garage door ready for the season.

    Schedule Garage Maintenance Service near Ridgewood

    Do a Visual Inspection of Your Door

    If your garage door has any visible damage, consider getting it repaired before winter strikes. Areas of damage, such as warped wood or peeling paint, can leave your door more vulnerable to damage caused by winter weather. If you haven’t been regularly cleaning your garage door, now is a good time to start. Simply wiping it down with a mild detergent and rinsing it off will help to keep it in good condition.

    Look for Insulation Problems

    Garage door insulation and weather stripping deteriorate over time, which could leave your home vulnerable to an influx of cold air that makes your heating work harder and your energy bills go up. A simple way to see if your insulation and weather stripping needs to be replaced is to feel the air around your door. If you need an upgrade, you’ll find drafty areas on and around your door. Call your garage repair company if you think your insulation or weather stripping needs to be addressed so that you’re ready when the cold weather arrives.

    Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

    If your garage door balance is off, your hardware is loose, or if your rollers need to be replaced, your garage maintenance and repair team will locate the problem and fix it. Keep in mind that you should always let a professional handle garage door maintenance and repair service. Doing repairs yourself is dangerous, particularly when the springs are involved. Likewise, you could miss an important sign of damage or do a repair incorrectly, which could lead to the need for more extensive repairs.

  • Identifying Common Reasons for Squeaky Garage Doors

    After a few uses, you should have an idea of what any given appliance will sound like. Appliances of all kinds tend to use abnormal noises to help you recognize that there’s a problem. If you have a squeaky garage door in Wyckoff, there could be a few reasons why. Your door might have come out of balance, you could be having trouble with your system’s springs and hinges, or you might just have a loud garage door opener. Remember that these noises may be much more than an inconvenience, so call your garage door professional to see if you need a repair. Read ahead for tips on identifying the common reasons for squeaky garage doors. Common Reasons For Squeaky Garage Doors

    Unbalanced Door

    Sometimes it’s tough to tell why your garage door is squeaking, and other times the problem is quite clear. If your door falls out of balance, one side will touch the ground while the other stays elevated. This is easy to diagnose just by looking at the door, especially at night. If you turn your garage light on and you can see more of it peering under the door on one side than the other, your garage door is unbalanced. This lack of balance is dangerous and can damage your investment, so talk to the professionals about balancing your door sooner rather than later.

    Hardware Problems

    Your garage door needs the help of hardware like springs, rollers, and hinges to slide up and down smoothly. When these components start to wear out, they might start to make noises when the door is in use. You may also hear the squeaking and rattling of nuts and bolts loosening, which can have a serious impact on your garage door’s ability to function. Never try to adjust the hardware yourself.

    Type of Opener

    Belt drive, screw drive, and chain drive are the 3 types of garage door openers. Screw and chain drives are known for being louder. If your opener is a screw or chain drive, then you might not actually have a problem. However, you can always talk to the professionals to be sure.

  • Exploring Options for Garage Door Materials

    A new garage door in Wyckoff is an exciting addition to the home, and there are more options to choose from than ever before. When you start thinking about what type you’d like for your home, it helps to begin by finding the right material. Some materials are known to be strong, while others are known for their natural beauty. The material you choose will impact the longevity of your investment, the amount of maintenance you’ll have to provide, and the curb appeal of your home. Steel, aluminum, and wood are a few of the popular options, so keep reading and explore your options for garage door materials. Options For Garage Door Materials


    If your primary concern is durability, you can’t go wrong with a steel garage door. A steel door will keep you, your family, and your property safe and secure. This makes it a great option if you are extra concerned about keeping criminals from breaking into your home, and it can give the whole family some extra peace of mind. In addition to being durable and long lasting, steel can contribute to your curb appeal. You can paint steel however you want, so feel free to be creative when considering your design.


    As another type of metal door, an aluminum garage door is much like a steel one. They should last over time, and they offer some aesthetic versatility, so you can make the most of your creative freedom. Aluminum doors aren’t as heavy as their steel counterparts, but they’re also not as expensive. It takes a lot for an aluminum door to rust, so you won’t have to worry so much about maintenance requirements, either.


    There are certain styles of homes that can look great with wooden garage doors. Wood offers a natural beauty that is difficult to top, and there is a wide range of species to choose from. You can also stain or paint your door so it matches your home design perfectly. The one drawback to wooden doors is that wood is vulnerable to problems like splitting, rot, and insects. If you go with a wood door, maintain it regularly.

  • What to Think About When Choosing a New Garage Door

    Your garage door will be one of the first features that a visitor notices about your home. In order to create terrific curb appeal for your property, consider replacing your ordinary garage door with a new unit that offers unique features and style. Your garage door installation experts in Wyckoff can help you select a gorgeous garage door that pairs beautiful with the architectural style of your home. To assist you with your upcoming installation, here is a look at three factors to consider when you are choosing a new garage door. Choosing A New Garage Door

    Household Security

    One of the most important functions of a garage door is to provide exceptional security for your household. When you are choosing a new garage door, make sure that you find a model that has been designed to keep your home secure and protected from crime. Today’s garage doors are equipped with keypad entry, security codes, and other state-of-the-art security features.

    Door Materials

    Garage doors are available in a range of materials, colors, and styles. To pick the best garage door for your property, you will want to select a door that has been crafted from your favorite materials. If you want to give the exterior of your home a craftsman look and feel, for example, you can opt to install a natural wood garage door. Aluminum and vinyl doors are also visually appealing options for the exterior of the home.

    Opener Functionality

    A classic overhead door rolls upwards when you press the button on your garage door opener’s remote. If you are seeking a traditional garage door for your home, consider purchasing a model that offers overhead operation. Other garage doors are able to tilt, swing, or even slide into place. You may want to choose one of these alternative functions to provide your garage with additional flair and convenience. Your garage door installers may be able to allow you to try out different garage door functionalities, before you make your final purchase.

  • Replacing Your LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Battery

    In order for your LiftMaster garage door opener to function correctly, you will need to replace its battery about every one or two years. This video from LiftMaster provides some essential instructions for replacing your garage door opener battery. If you are struggling to access the battery compartment or replace the battery, itself, consider setting up professional garage door repair in Wyckoff.

    Your garage door repair technicians can provide you with a full range of services that will help your garage door opener to remain in perfect shape for many years to come. From battery replacement to spring repair troubleshooting, your technicians can perform all types of repairs that are needed to restore your opener to perfect function.

  • Troubleshooting Your Garage Door Safety Sensor

    When your garage door opens and closes, it can cause serious harm to any persons or objects that are in its path. In order to prevent accidents, many garage doors are equipped with safety sensors. While a working safety sensor can help to protect your family, a malfunctioning sensor can cause your garage door to fail. With professional garage door repair near Wyckoff, you can get to the bottom of what is causing your garage door issue. Here are some tips that can help you to troubleshoot your garage door safety sensor issues. Garage Door Safety Sensor Issues

    Look for Positioning Problems

    In order to detect objects that may be obstructing the path of your garage door, a safety sensor must be aimed directly at where your garage door will hit when it opens and closes. During your initial installation, your technician may have positioned your safety sensor incorrectly. A device called a laser level can be used to map out the path of the safety sensor’s photo eye and determine whether it is pointed in the right direction.

    Inspect for Faulty Electrical Wiring

    Safety sensors are delicate electrical components that need to be connected to your property’s main electrical wiring grid. Occasionally, the wiring that is attached to your electrical wiring may become frayed or disconnected. To troubleshoot a wiring issue, it is possible to inspect your safety sensor to see whether its indicator lights are turned off. If the lights are shut off, the safety sensor may not be properly wired.

    Evaluate for Photo-Eye Issues

    One of the most critical components of a garage door safety sensor is called the photo-eye. The photo-eye is what traces objects and people that may be in danger of being hit by the garage door as it closes. Over time, the photo-eye in your safety sensor can become damaged by excess moisture or accidental impact. A garage door safety sensor that is failing to work altogether may be in need of a photo-eye replacement.

  • Looking at the Benefits of Popular Garage Door Styles

    Choosing the right garage door in Wyckoff is a big decision; the right one can increase your curb appeal and make your home more efficient, and the wrong one can have the opposite effects. The type of garage door you choose will also play a role in how much time you have to spend on maintenance. Wood, steel, and aluminum are some of the more popular materials that comprise today’s garage doors, and each comes with its own pros and cons. If you want to make the best choice for your home and family, be sure to read ahead to learn a little bit about the benefits of some popular garage door styles. Some Popular Garage Door Styles


    If you’re looking for a garage door material that is naturally and organically beautiful, wood might be your choice. This beauty can hold up over time and even through rough winters, but not without your help. It’s important to remember that a wooden garage door needs a fair amount of maintenance in order to continue improving the curb appeal of your home. You can find wooden garage doors in a seemingly endless variety of styles, designs, and colors, and you can enjoy a unique look as a result.


    On the opposite end of the maintenance spectrum lies steel garage doors, which don’t need much upkeep at all. This type of door is also extremely durable, so you can expect a working life of a decade or more out of it. The even better news is that despite its advantages, a steel garage door still ranks as one of the more affordable options. For these reasons, steel has become one of the most popular materials for garage doors. The better the quality of the steel, the more durable the garage door.


    Steel isn’t the only metal that goes into garage doors. Although aluminum garage doors might not be as easy on maintenance as their steel counterparts, they are more affordable. If you can commit to a reasonable amount of maintenance, you might consider talking to the pros about installing an aluminum garage door at your house.