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  • Introducing the Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series

    Not all garage doors in Wyckoff are created equally, and the Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series can prove it. These doors are versatile, durable, efficient, and beautiful, bringing you everything you could want in a garage door. Watch this video for an introduction to the Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series.

    A wooden door brings a unique sense of beauty to your property, but it also requires a significant amount of maintenance. If you want the realistic, organic look without the hassle that comes along with natural wood, consider the Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series. These doors are made to look just like wood doors, but they offer the efficiency advantages that come with a steel door. You can choose from Pecky or Clear Cypress as well as mahogany, or you can combine different elements for a truly custom look. You can even paint or stain your door to your liking.

  • Exploring Options for Garage Door Materials

    A new garage door in Wyckoff is an exciting addition to the home, and there are more options to choose from than ever before. When you start thinking about what type you’d like for your home, it helps to begin by finding the right material. Some materials are known to be strong, while others are known for their natural beauty. The material you choose will impact the longevity of your investment, the amount of maintenance you’ll have to provide, and the curb appeal of your home. Steel, aluminum, and wood are a few of the popular options, so keep reading and explore your options for garage door materials. Options For Garage Door Materials


    If your primary concern is durability, you can’t go wrong with a steel garage door. A steel door will keep you, your family, and your property safe and secure. This makes it a great option if you are extra concerned about keeping criminals from breaking into your home, and it can give the whole family some extra peace of mind. In addition to being durable and long lasting, steel can contribute to your curb appeal. You can paint steel however you want, so feel free to be creative when considering your design.


    As another type of metal door, an aluminum garage door is much like a steel one. They should last over time, and they offer some aesthetic versatility, so you can make the most of your creative freedom. Aluminum doors aren’t as heavy as their steel counterparts, but they’re also not as expensive. It takes a lot for an aluminum door to rust, so you won’t have to worry so much about maintenance requirements, either.


    There are certain styles of homes that can look great with wooden garage doors. Wood offers a natural beauty that is difficult to top, and there is a wide range of species to choose from. You can also stain or paint your door so it matches your home design perfectly. The one drawback to wooden doors is that wood is vulnerable to problems like splitting, rot, and insects. If you go with a wood door, maintain it regularly.

  • How Do Garage Door Safety Beams Work?

    Your garage door near Wyckoff is equipped with special safety systems that have been engineered to protect you and your family members from accidental harm or injury. An essential component of many garage door safety systems is the safety beam, which is also known as the safety sensor. The safety beam is equipped with infra-red sensors, which detect the presences of people or objects in the path of the door as it is closing. In the event that a blockage is sensed, the safety beams will automatically stop the garage door from closing.

    If you have recently started to notice that your garage door safety beams are not functioning correctly, do not wait to schedule a repair appointment with your team of technicians. Using advanced diagnostic equipment and special tools, your garage door repair professionals can quickly repair your garage door safety beams. By setting up professional repairs, you will have total peace of mind when you use your garage door each day.

    Garage Door Safety Beams

  • The Common Causes of Broken Garage Door Springs

    Your garage door spring is one of its most critical mechanisms. Without a functional spring, you may find that your garage door opener fails to function altogether. A company that offers garage door repair in Wyckoff will be able to get to the bottom of why your garage door opener and spring are failing to function correctly. By fixing your garage door spring, you can ensure that your garage door is in safe operational condition for daily use. Let’s review some of the most common causes of broken garage door springs. Most Common Causes Of Broken Garage Door Springs

    Natural Wear and Tear

    One of the most common reasons for a broken garage door spring is that the unit has simply experienced additional wear and tear over time. When a typical garage door spring is installed, it will last for about 10,000 uses. After a significant period of time has passed, your garage door spring may be in danger of failing. Replacing your spring before it gets too old will help you keep your garage door functioning safely.

    Excessive Corrosion

    A quality garage door spring will be treated with a material that has been designed to prevent corrosion. However, in certain instances, rust may start to develop on the metallic surface of the spring. When your spring gets rusty, it may no longer be able to provide your garage door with the correct level of tension. Lubricating your spring regularly can help you to prevent rust issues in your garage door opener.

    Improper Maintenance

    As a homeowner, it is generally a good idea to schedule professional garage door maintenance at least once a year. When you have your garage door inspected by a team of expert technicians, you will be able to catch maintenance problems before they become serious safety issues. In the event that you neglect garage door maintenance for several years or longer, you may wind up with a broken garage door spring or other serious repair problems.