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  • The Benefits of a New Garage Door

    If you’re like many homeowners, chances are you may not think much about your garage door. However, if your garage door is malfunctioning or frequently needs repairs, it may be time to start thinking about a replacement. A new garage door can add value to your home, offering an impressive 87 percent return on investment. With garage door replacement in Wyckoff , you’ll boost your home’s curb appeal, making not just your house but your entire neighborhood look better. An insulated garage door can also make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, as well as reduce the noise that you hear inside. Check out this infographic from Aquarius Door to learn more about how a new garage door can benefit you, your home, and your family’s safety. Please share with your friends and neighbors!

    New garage door benefits

  • Looking at Common Garage Door Mistakes Made by Homeowners

    Your garage door plays a significant role in the appearance, function, and security of your home. To help keep yours in good condition, there are several steps that you can take. The following are a few mistakes that homeowners commonly make when it comes to their garage doors in Wyckoff and what you can do to avoid them. Common Garage Door Mistakes

    Forgoing Maintenance

    Practicing ongoing garage door maintenance is a great way to ensure its continuing function and to extend its lifespan. To help keep your garage door looking great and working well, occasionally contact a garage door maintenance company to schedule a tune-up appointment. In addition to this, there are several things that you can do yourself to maintain your garage door. First, apply an appropriate lubricant on the chains, wheels, and any other moving parts to keep them running smoothly. Also, use something like a leaf blower or broom to remove debris from the tracks. Finally, clean the door’s exterior once in a while to prevent buildup and maintain its appearance.

    Avoiding Replacement

    If your garage door is acting up for the first time, then hiring a garage door repair company is often the best decision. However, if your garage door is often running into problems and requires frequent repairs to function properly, then it’s probably time for you to consider garage door replacement. Although it requires an investment up front, this option can save you on repair costs long-term.

    Attempting Repairs

    More and more, homeowners are looking for ways to save on home maintenance costs, leading them to attempt a variety of repair jobs themselves. While this can sometimes be a good idea, DIY projects are not always successful and, unlike some projects you might feel willing to take on and fail at, garage door repairs should not be listed among them. Attempting fixes on your own is among the most dangerous mistakes that you can make when it comes to your home’s garage door. If its springs or cables are in need of repairs, then leave this type of job to the professionals.

  • Building a Pergola for Your Garage Door

    If you’re looking for a weekend project that can spruce up the look of your home’s exterior, then installing a garage door pergola may provide you with an answer. Watch this video to learn how to tackle this DIY project that can do a lot to dress up your garage door in Wyckoff.

    Plan to build the pergola on a workbench, and to then install it on brackets that you attach to your garage door’s casing. Start by measuring the door while including the casing in its width, and plan to extend the rafters about a foot past the brackets on either side.

    After cutting, sanding, assembling, and painting your pergola, you can move on to the brackets. After drilling your pilot holes, run caulk along the back of the bracket and press it to the garage door’s casing. Then, fasten the bracket in place with deck screws.

  • Why Isn’t Your Garage Door Opener Working?

    Having a garage door that opens via remote can add a significant amount of convenience and function to this part of your home. However, if the garage door opener stops working, this can cause you a lot of hassle. Are you having trouble with your garage door opener in Wyckoff? If so, then several issues could be the cause.

    In some cases, a remote control can malfunction if the motor’s antenna is blocked or damaged. However, if your garage door opens when you flip the wall switch, then a simple battery change may be all you need to fix the issue.

    Another common cause of a garage door opener’s failure is a disruption to its power source. First, be sure that your garage door opener is plugged into a functional outlet. If this isn’t the problem, check the fuse or circuit breaker.

    Sometimes, a garage door won’t open because either the torsion springs or the cables are damaged. If either the springs or the cables are broken or snapped, do not try to open the door and, instead, call a garage door repair service to take care of the problem.

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  • How Your Garage Door Affects Your Safety

    As long as you follow proper garage door maintenance and seek necessary garage door repairs in Wyckoff , your garage door should operate easily and safely. A new garage door installation or garage door replacement can also significantly improve the security and safety of your home. If your garage door is secure, no one can enter your home through the garage. To make sure that your garage door is as secure as possible, you can follow some important safety tips.

    You should only install a garage door opener that utilizes rolling code technology, which guarantees that your garage door remote transmits a unique code to the garage door opener every time you use it. You should never leave your garage door remote out where someone could steal it, and you should be careful about who you lend it to.

    You should always keep your garage door locked, and secure your garage door’s emergency release. You can also install a deadbolt lock on the door that leads from your garage to your home. Never leave your garage door open longer than necessary. You may also consider frosting or covering your garage door windows so that no one can see your valuables or take note of whether your car is gone.

    Follow Proper Garage Door Maintenance