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  • Home Remodeling Guide: Garage Door Edition

    Any sort of home remodeling project should be a fun experience for homeowners. Searching for a new garage door is no exception. Installing new garage doors near Wyckoff is a great home remodeling project that will add value to your property and help beautify your home. Installing New Garage Doors Near Ridgewood

    Consult Your Installers

    Among many available garage door resources, your installers are going to be the most important during this home remodeling project. Your professional installers will know the right way to wire a new garage door, as well as the right one to fit your specific house. They can help you decide on the color or design that will best complement your house and the surrounding neighborhood. Be sure to choose a company with experience and qualifications to deliver you the best garage door installation.

    Pick Your Design

    Once you have found the installers you want to work with, you will have a big decision to make—what garage door design you want for your home. Garage doors come in a variety of designs that may include windows, grid-like framing, carriage or swing style, and more. Doors also come in several materials, such as steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. On top of these many choices is the range of colors that each door can come in. You want your garage door design and color to look good with the rest of your house and your landscape design.

    Prepare for Installation

    Before the installers arrive with your new garage door, you should make sure the entire area is clear of debris, furniture, and vehicles. This includes inside the garage itself and outside on the driveway. Confirm the time and date the installers will arrive with your garage door. If they give you further instructions on what to clean or what hardware to uninstall, complete these tasks ahead of time. If you have any questions before or during the garage door installation process, do not hesitate to ask your installers.

  • What to Know about Garage Door Springs

    A garage door malfunction may occur when a spring suddenly gives out. There are two types of springs—torsion and extension—and both are responsible for holding weight as your garage door moves up and down. It is crucial to have a professional regularly inspect the springs in your garage door system near Wyckoff.

    As you’ll see in this video, garage door springs can become very dangerous if they break or malfunction. The metal springs are mounted above the garage door, typically toward the middle. As the garage is lifted or lowered, the springs will wind or unwind. Over time, the springs can wear out and suddenly break. Garage door spring repairs or replacement should only be handled by a professional garage door repairman. A professional will be qualified and knowledgeable, and will have the correct tools to inspect and replace garage door springs.

  • Understanding How Your Garage Door Opener Works

    The automatic garage door opener adds convenience and comfort to our day to day life. When you book a garage door installation serving Wyckoff, your overhead door technician will take the time to make sure that your garage door opener is safely and properly installed. In order to ensure that your garage door is in proper shape for all of your daily activities, it is a good idea to learn more about how garage door openers work. As you learn about the mechanics behind garage door openers, you will be more likely to spot a problem before it becomes serious. To help you with your garage door repair, here is a look at how your garage door opener works.

    How Your Garage Door Opener Works

    Motors and Gears

    At the core of every garage door opener is a set of motors and gears. The motor is powered by a 6 amp machine, which requires 120 volts in order to function. Even though this motor may seem tiny, it is powerful enough to move and stop a garage door. In order to transfer power from the motor to the doors, the garage door opener is equipped with a set of gears.

    Drive Guide

    Along with a motor and gears, each garage door opener is equipped with a drive guide. The drive guide is a track that allows the chain, belt, or screw to travel through the garage opener’s mechanical system. As the garage door opens and closes, the drive guide will gently position the pulling mechanism into place. If the guide is out of place, you may notice your garage door stopping and starting as it opens and closes.


    The garage door spring is an essential part of the garage opener system. The spring is designed to provide energy to the door as it opens and closes. As the door is opening, the spring will uncoil and send this tension to the door. When the door closes, the spring will help to bear a majority of the weight. If your garage spring becomes damaged or broken, you will want to set up a repair procedure with a qualified professional right away.

  • Your Garage Door Maintenance 101

    Your garage door may not cross your mind until is suddenly fails to function. In the event that you are in need of emergency garage door repair, it is essential to know the facts about garage door maintenance . For example, if a garage repair professional recommends that you install a lifetime spring, you should be sure to ask for more specifics. Additionally, you should only repair your garage door rollers in the event that they are broken. A garage door repair company can provide you with quality services and garage door hardware in Wyckoff. With the help of a trained garage repair technician, you will be able to restore your overhead door to proper working condition in no time. To learn more about the fundamentals of garage door maintenance, be sure to check out this short video.