How Has Garage Door Design Improved?

Garage doors have greatly improved since their invention. They can be manufactured with different materials, colors, and styles. They also come with better safety features and insulating properties. Learn more about the many improvements of Wyckoff garage doors by reading below.

Improved Materials

Wood used to be the most popular material used for garage door construction, but it has been replaced by the much stronger and low-maintenance options of steel and polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. Steel or aluminum garage doors are strong, inexpensive, and often require less maintenance, but they may be prone to corrosion. PVC requires little to no maintenance, and it can come in a variety of colors and styles. Wood can still be used for garage doors, but it must be maintained to resist warping, rotting, and fading. garage - doors

Improved Insulation

Garage doors are often attached to a house, which make it necessary for the door and garage space to be properly insulated. This insulation keeps the homeowner’s energy costs low throughout the year, and it cuts down noise pollution. Garage door insulation has improved with “sandwich” designs. For example, a steel door may have a thick, steel skin with an insulated core. Garage door installations should also include weather sealing to help maintain a door’s insulation. Weather sealing will also prevent dirt, water, and air leaks from entering through the garage door.

Improved Designs

Homeowners should be concerned with the aesthetic design of their garage doors, because the garage can add to a home’s curb appeal. Garage doors have improved in this area without sacrificing insulation or security. Materials can come in a variety of colors, and doors can be outfitted with windows and creative panel designs.

Improved Safety

Garage door technology has also improved to prevent children, pets, and adults from being hurt. Many doors feature shaped edges that will push fingers out of the way as the panels close. Automatic garage doors also have a reversing feature for the times that the door is blocked by an object.

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