How Do Professionals Install Garage Doors?

Although it’s not a good idea for amateurs to attempt garage door installation in Wyckoff, it can be helpful to understand a little bit about the process. Your garage door installation professional will start by removing the existing door and installing the hardware. Next come the panels, followed by the rollers, tracks, and springs that help the whole door to work. Remember, due to the dangers that garage doors can pose, it’s important to leave this job up to the professionals. Read ahead for a preview of how the professionals install garage doors. garage - door

Removing the Door and Adding Hardware

When replacing an old garage door with a new one, the first step is to get rid of the existing door. Once the old garage door has been disassembled and removed, you can start attaching the hinges and handles that will secure the new door in place and allow it to operate properly. Your garage door installation professional will have to do some measuring to ensure that the hardware is installed in the right places, and then you can move on to the actual door itself.

Installing the Panels

With your hardware in place, your garage door professional is ready to start assembling the panels. He or she will start with the bottom panel of the door. The bottom piece will fit into the doorframe, at which point you can tap nails into each of the jambs. You can then work up from the bottom panel, adding each additional panel on top. Different types of garage doors come with a different amount of pieces. Regardless of how many yours comes with, your garage door installation pro will move from the bottom upward.

Adding Rollers, Tracks, and Springs

You might notice roller supports among your garage door hardware. Your rollers will fit into these supports and secure the brackets of the tracks. Your professional will secure the vertical tracks and then move onto the other pieces, and then he or she will assemble the springs. The garage door pro will need to keep the door halfway open to make sure the tracks are level.

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