Signs of Dying Keypad Batteries

Your garage door opener allows you to conveniently open and close your garage doors, all by pressing a few buttons on a keypad. However, if the keypad that is attached to your garage door opener starts to wear out, you may find that your system starts to malfunction. A garage door opener repair technician near Wyckoff can troubleshoot your issue and help you restore your garage doors to proper function.

Dying batteries are a common cause of keypad problems in garage door openers. When your keypad batteries are dying, you may find that you need to press the buttons very hard to get a response. If you are pressing the keypad buttons, but are receiving no response from your opener, your batteries may have completely died. By replacing your batteries, you may be able to get your garage door opener working again. A garage door opener technician will be able to make sure that your opener and other garage systems are functioning correctly for your day to day needs.

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