The Features and Benefits of Intellicore® Insulated Steel Doors

When you are shopping for a stylish garage door model that will also help to protect your commercial business building from the elements, you may want to check out the Intellicore® line of insulated steel doors. By installing an insulated garage door in Wyckoff, you can help to ensure that your building’s heating and cooling system operates as efficiently as possible. Once you purchase these state-of-the-art garage doors, you will also enjoy superior control over the temperature of your indoor spaces. Let’s review the benefits that Intellicore® Insulated Steel Doors have to offer for your home. intellicore - garage - door

Heavy Duty Steel

The hallmark of Intellicore® Insulated Steel Doors is their heavy-duty steel construction. For industrial applications, these garage doors are made from strong and durable 24 gauge steel. If you are in need of additional weather resistance and strength, you can tour your options for 25 gauge steel Intellicore® doors. For homes and other areas that require lighter strength doors, 20 gauge steel insulated doors are also a great option. Your garage door installer can help you choose the right steel gauge for your needs.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Another terrific benefit of Intellicore® Insulated Steel Doors is their ability to help improve the energy efficiency of your indoor spaces. Industrial warehouses and other commercial spaces can dramatically benefit from the insulating properties that Intellicore® steel doors have to offer. When you are shopping for an Intellicore® garage door, you can view the specific insulation values that are offered by each model.

Fantastic Durability

When you invest in top-of-the-line Intellicore® doors, you can rest assured that your new garage doors will be built to last for many years and seasons. After you have purchased your Intellicore® garage door, your product will be backed by a 10 year warranty. This comprehensive warranty covers factors such as delamination and paint fading. Overall, you will be able to trust that your new Intellicore® Insulated Steel Doors have been built to perform throughout many years to come.

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