How Do Garage Door Openers Work?

These days, machines can do just about anything, and opening an overhead door in Wyckoff is no exception. While homeowners tend to be at least vaguely familiar with their garage door hardware, their knowledge is typically rather limited. Your overhead garage door opener is one component of your garage door system, although it includes several components of its own. Different types of garage door openers operate using different mechanisms, but the ultimate goal is the same: to open your garage door. If you have ever wondered what really happens when you click the button to raise your door, continue on to find out how garage door openers work.

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The overhead garage door opener is an essential aspect of the automatic garage door system. Without it, you would be forced to get out of your car and manually raise and lower your garage door every time you wanted to leave for work. Thanks to this nifty invention, however, you get to stay in your comfortable car as your garage door seemingly effortlessly raises to let you leave and smoothly shuts behind you as you leave to start your day. For this, you have your garage door opener to thank.


Much like the garage door system, the garage door opener relies on a few different components. Modern garage doors are heavy, so it’s important that your whole system is in good shape. The small, boxy part of your garage door system is the operator, which you can find on the ceiling of your garage. The operator contains a motor—typically of about a half horsepower—that helps to lift the door as well as slow it down as it closes. The drive guide, or T-rail, protects the mechanical components during operation, and the power inverter allows your home to power the opener.


Depending on the style garage door you have, your drive guide will protect a chain, screw, or belt. These mechanisms physically move the door up and down, and each comes with unique advantages. While belts are quiet, chains are cheap; screws fall somewhere in between in terms of noise and price.

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